"I am a big believer in visualization. I run through my races mentally so that I feel even more prepared" Allyson Felix, track and field sprinter - 3 times World Champion


You feel like you are wearing a thousands hats and often feel overwhelmed. You need to relax and refocus on the essentials of life. With a custom-made use of Meditation and Positive Affirmations you will find new peace and clarity in your daily life. Or maybe you have lived a traumatic experience in the past that is still influencing your current life. A destructive relationship, the trauma of a divorce, a childhood memory, a painful accident, a professional or family burn-out, an abusive parent, etc. You now desire to get rid of the negative influence this memory still has on your current life and live a joyous and happy life. Conversational Hypnosis is the answer.

Couples and Families

We establish together what it is you wish to change or accomplish in the relationship, as friends, a couple or a family. You leave the session with exercices. You will be empowered and have more clarity. Together we make it work!


Based on the acclaimed work of  the scientist Dr. Masaru Emoto we now know the power words have. The words we choose when talking to our children are of crucial importance. You leave with practical tools to apply to create a caring and loving home.

Pregnant Women

Do you wish to get pregnant? You have tried whatever you could think of and it didn't work? With the help of  creative visualization and conversational hypnosis, I can help you rewire your believes.


You are pregnant and you wish to prepare for a peaceful and mindful birth. Hypnobirthing is what you are looking for. Together, we walk to

You had a miss-carriage, an abortion or a traumatic or disappointing experience with your pregnancy, the birth or at another moment during the process and it is still following you today? I can help you reassess and revisit that memory so that you can access a happier now. 

Teenagers and Young Adults

In 1979, Harvard conducted a study on their MBA program students. They were asked 'Have you set clear, written goals for you future and made plans to accomplish them?'. 3% of the group had goals written down and plans to accomplish them, 13% had goals but no specific plan of going about them and the remaining 84% had no clear goals defined. In 1989, Harvard interrogated the same group of people to see where they were in their lives. The 13% that had written down their goals were earning, on average, twice as much as the 84% that had not written down their goals 10 years ago. And the 3% that had written down their goals and planned out a way to accomplish them? Well, they were earning, on average, 10 times as much as the other 97%! *

There comes an age in life where there is asked of us to make choices. Big choices! Often they will determine what we will do for the rest of our lifes and ultimately who we will become. Which can get overwhelming. Together we figure out what drives you and what direction in life you want to take! You will be writing them down and writing out an action plan to consciously work on them so that you get to be part of those lucky and happier 3% that are realizing their dreams and ambitions. 


* Source: from the book 'What They Don’t Teach You in the Harvard Business School', by Mark McCormack