"To all of the people that I get to work with and guide through a period of their lives, you trully give me the biggest gift. To watch you grow in stronger more confident beings gives me the greatest joy. 


I thank you for trusting me,

I thank you gor believing in me, 

And most of all I thank you for believing in yourself. 


I am so very blessed to be part of your lives and proud of your accomplishments."


With love, Catherine

Margherita / Interpretor and Translator

"I am really grateful to Cate and to the whole group for the strenght, the motivation and the new insights I got during her sessions. I joined the group only after their 3rd session, but I can tell you that it was really helpful and useful for me and for the work I'm doing on myself to reach my goals and objectives and to become a better person too. Cate explains in details how the universal laws work and how we can use our mind, our inner guidance system, our intuition and emotions, the power of gratitude, faith, love and action to realize our dreams and the life that we want. Thanks, thanks, thanks!"


I came to Catherines' workshop on 'The Power of our Inner Dialogue' as I would like to find a way to better achieve my most daring goals or at least to find a path to do so. I expected to find a place where I could discuss, try to focus on my goals and begin to create a strategy to achieve my dreams. And the workshop was very uselful. Really in interesting informations were given. It was great counceling. The workshop is very interactive and exercices are given for each one to complete individually depending on their goals and dreams and everyone is free to share if they wish to. This seminar gave me hope and was really positive. I would recommend it to a friend as to me it is great coaching.

Johanna / MEP

"Reeeaally very nice and motivating!!! :-D


I attended one of Catherines' Success Workshops because I wanted to learn more about the impact of positive affirmations. I was looking for new inspirations and new ways to look at my life as well as getting more confidence in life in general. I was really happy with the information, the energy, the authenticy that she transmitted. She is very convincing in what she says. I felt empowered leaving the workshop and even booked a private session with her. She gives great examples during the workshop which helps with the understanding of the principles. We did visualization exercices that were helpful for me. The event was well organized and I liked that fruits and water were offered. I will be going to her next seminar for sure. I would definitely recommend you to a friend. Catherine, you are powerful and authentic. Thank you.


J’ai fait régulièrement les exercices de visualisation accompagnée par Catherine. Au fur et à mesure de nos rencontres, j’avais un petit cahier où je prenais des notes sur les propositions qu'elle avait pu me donner en se basant sur l'écoute de mes besoins et surtout de mes ressentis. En m'écoutant, Catherine, arrivait à souligner et encadrer les objectifs importants. La  pratique des affirmations positives et la travail de visualisation est parfois challengeant, mais il faut savoir que la persévérance est alors primordiale et se développe petit à petit. La plupart des exercices sont des rituels que l’on adopte et que l’on décide d’intégrer dans notre quotidien. Les exercices deviennent donc des habitudes. Régulièrement, je relis et refais des exercices qui m’ont permis d’avancer dans mes projets visualisés avec Catherine. La visualisation est comme un muscle que l’on développe. Tout le monde à ses moments de découragement, le principal est de savoir se refocaliser. Le travail de visualisation et d'affirmations m'a apporté beaucoup de bénéfices et m'a aidé à accomplir mes objectifs plus rapidement. 


I feel that I reconnect with myself again when I have a session with Catherine. 


She is a good listener and is always focused on my needs. I would describe her session as being 'a self-empowerment moment''. A moment in time where I can connect with my true self again and break down the walls and blockages. 

With Catherine, everything becomes possible again. She is a trigger for me to become what is deep in me.