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By relaxing our mind and by concentrating on the breath, we teach it to focus better. Meditation is training the mind to focus. It allows you to have a clearer outlook on your life and its components and to be less affected by exterior events. You become more centered and get to take easier decisions in your professional as well as in your personal life. 

The benefits of meditation:

-Improves focus, attention and the ability to work under stress

-Improves learning, memory and self-awareness.

-Better clarity, improved communication. Decreases worry and feelings of loneliness. 

-Increases serotonin production that improves mood,  behavior and psychological well-being

-Increases emotional stability: reduces stress and anxiety attacks

-Lowers high blood pressure and improves the immune system

-Decreases any tension-related pain such as; tension headaches, ulcers, insomnia, muscle and joint problems

-Intuition develops

-Increases wellbeing and happiness. Improves empathy and positive relationships. Increases feelings of compassion.


Meditation helps mothers-to-be to bond with their unborn baby and it significantly reduces depressive symptoms for high-risk pregnancies.




Hypnobirthing helps before, during and after your pregnancy. Preparing the mind and body for a wonderful birth, creating a beautiful memory and lifelong benefits.

Hypnobirthing is a set of different tools allowing mother, baby and companion to enjoy a gentle and joyful birth, creating a happy birth memory that will last a life time. 

Hypnobirthing teaches the mother to get into a deep state of relaxation and freeing the mind of all misconceptions about birth using self-hypnosis and guided visualization techniques. Allowing mother, baby and companion to get to experience the benefits of a wonderful natural child-birth. 


Hypnosis, as part of the family of brief therapies, enables to obtain astonishingly fast results. In as few as 3 to 5 sessions hypnosis can help you in the most fascinating way. Following an anamnesis done during our first session together, I guide you in finding the solution best suited for your problem. The key sitting in the subconscious mind, I give you tools to enter it and unblock and find the most adapted long-term solution.  

What hypnosis can help you with: phobias, stress, anxieties, depressions, love disappointments, separations and painful divorces, lack of self-esteem, lack of self-confidence, weight problems. Preparation for surgical procedures. 


" The thing about meditation is: you become more and more you."  

David Lynch

" When you change the way you view birth, the way you birth will change."  

Marie Mongan

" While meditation clears the mind with the aim of relaxing it, hypnosis does so with the intention of changing it."