Catherine has been practicing Meditation and Yoga since the age of 26. She was first introduced to Yoga Bikram in Paris which considerably influenced her wellbeing and lifestyle. She started experimenting with meditation, positive psychology and creative visualization shortly after which completely changed her outlook on life. Her journey has taken a whole new path ever since. She started practicing and teaching creative visualization and meditation while still working as a full time Brand Manager. After working with several clients she discovered a new found joy in helping others shape their minds in order to live better lives.

For Catherine, the path to hypnosis was a very organic one. She first got introduced to hypnosis as one of her pregnant client’s,

with whom she had been working on creative visualization since before her pregnancy, introduced her to hypnobirhting, mentioning the similarities between the work she was doing with Catherine and the hypnobirthing classes she was taking.


Catherine then started researching extensively on the benefits of hypnosis and got certified at the Institut Milton H. Erickson de Belgique. She is now practicing in several locations around Brussels and keeps on expending her education into this beautiful life changing practice.



Certified in therapeutical and conversational hypnosis – Institut Milton H. Erickson de Belgique (IMHEB) - 2017

Certified in hypnosis and maternity – Institut Milton H. Erickson de Belgique (IMHEB) - 2017

Certified  in hypnosis and the preparation of surgical operations - Institut Milton H. Erickson de Belgique (IMHEB) - 2018

Certified  in hypnosis and sexuality - Institut Milton H. Erickson de Belgique (IMHEB) - 2018

Certified  in  Nutritional Coaching - Enseignement Francophone de l'Union Européenne - 2019

Shambala Meditation Course (level 1 meditation course) 

Vipassa Meditation Retreat


Post graduate in Business 'Creation and Growth' - Solvay Business School 

Master In Marketing Communications -  IHECS